5 Best Economical JDM Cars in Pakistan

Japanese domestic model cars have become most popular in Pakistan because of their amazing features and great fuel economy. An other major reason behind the popularity of these cars is the affordability and low cost. As these cars are imported directly from Japan, that’s the reason they fulfill all the safety and comfort needs. Here are some of the best budget 660cc Japanese imported¬† cars you can buy in 10-15 lac rupees in Pakistan.

01- Daihatsu Mira es

Daihatsu Mira es is one of the most popular JDM cars in Pakistan. Mira offers what the average Pakistanis want; low prices and good fuel economy. Japanese Mira also offers plenty of good features at the reasonable price. This car will make you experience modern and comfortable drive in low cast. Some of the best features available in this car are here. power mirrors, power steering, power windows, Air bags, supplemental restraint system, anti-lock brake system, EBD, Eco Idle and many more.
The interior of Daihatsu Mira is spacious and offers adequate head and leg space in it. It is a front wheel drive car with 660cc inline 3 cylinder petrol engine which produces 54hp and 65Nm of torque, and has CVT automatic transmission in it. It’s also available in MT, 4WD and Turbo charger options and its fuel average is 22-26 km/l. Mira is a feature rich and value for money car which makes it a top contender in the 660cc segment.

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02- Suzuki Alto 660cc

Suzuki Alto 660cc car image

The 2nd car on the top 5 economical JDM cars is Suzuki Alto 660 cc. Around 4,000 units of Suzuki Alto were imported in Pakistan in 2017. Its market worth was increasing day by day until unless policy of imported cars changed in Pakistan. JDM Suzuki Alto is a Kei hatchback which means it comes with a 660cc engine.
Japanese Alto is one of those cars that has been around in Pakistan for may be as long as the Toyota Vitz. With a small engine and the bundle of modern features like ABS, EBD, Radar, Air bags and start-stop technology, Suzuki Alto returns amazing fuel economy with comfort and reliability. JDM Suzuki Alto is way more super than one locally manufactured and its fuel average is 20-25 km/l. And its price range is 10-15 lac, depending upon model year and condition of the car.

03- Nissan dayz

nissan dayz car image

Nissan Dayz (Also sold by Mitsubishi as the EK wgn) is a popular Japanese car. It was produced jointly by Nissan and Mitsubishi so Mitsubishi Ek wagon is a copy of this model. Apart from the typical features expected in this category, certain trims come with 360-degree monitoring/ parking cameras that offer a view from all four sides of the vehicle. This can be especially helpful for maneuvering around narrow streets and busy traffic.

Nissan Dayz highway star is the most popular variant of this car in Pakistan. This kei car offers a more modern and stylish interior and exterior design than first two cars but its fuel average is a little bit lower as compared to Mira and Alto. A good second hand Nissan Dayz is available in the budget of 12 to 15 lac rupees in Pakistan and its fuel average is 18-22 km/l.

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04- Daihatsu move

image of Daihatsu move Japan car in Pakistan

After Daihatsu Mira es, Daihatsu Move is another stunning present from Daihatsu Motors Japan. It is an economical car that offers plenty of benefits at a reasonable price. It offers an exceptional fuel economy being a 660 cc hatchback. A lot of great features are available in this car including, beautiful interior and exterior design, air conditioner, alloy rim, anti-lock brake system, auto key, idling system, power mirror, power window, power steering, rear spoiler, and many others.
However, the features of this car depends on the trim level. And its most popular and feature rich variant is Daihatsu Move Custom.  The availability of CVT automatic transmission is another advantage of this car. Its price range is 10-15 lac depending upon grade, model and variant of the car. The reason behind putting it in 4th slot is its comparatively less fuel economy in the category which is 18-22km/l.

05- Honda N Wgn

an image of Honda n wgn

Honda N WGN offers a comfortable ride for the passengers in addition to its excellent fuel average. It has become a popular car in Pakistan 2013.

Honda N WGN is equipped with plenty of modern and great features like CVT transmission, ABS, EBD, Auto braking, crystal lights,heated seats, privacy glass, power window, power steering, power mirror, supplemental restraint system, push start in higher specs variant and many others. It also comes in turbo charged variant.

The price of Japanese imported Honda N Wgn depends on many factors including model year and auction grade. The used Honda N Wgn can be found in the price range of 10 to 15 lac rupees in Pakistan.
This car is way more superior than the first four cars in this list in style and drive but it gives a comparatively less fuel economy of 18-20 km/l.

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