Pak-Suzuki Increased the Prices of Cars & Bikes up to Rs 90,000

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Pak-Suzuki Motor Comp­any Ltd has increased the prices of its different models by Rs. 49,000-90,000, effective from 1st January 2020.
Auto-makers in Pakistan have hiked the prices of their cars and bikes despite a fall in the cost of imported parts owning to continues strengthening of Pak- rupee against US dollar, However, there has been a steep fall in the sales Passenger Vehicles, during the first five months of the current fiscal year.

Latest prices of Suzuki Vehicles after Price increase

Here are the increased prices of the cars.

Models New Price – PKR Previous Price – PKR Increase – PKR Percentage
Ravi 999,000 941,000 58,000 6.16%
Bolan 1,099,000 1,050,000 49,000 4.67%
Bolan Cargo 1,040,000 990,000 50,000 5.05%
Wagon R VXR 1,605,000 1,540,000 65,000 4.22%
Wagon R VXL 1,695,000 1,625,000 70,000 4.31%
Alto VXR 1,398,000 1,308,000 90,000 6.88%
Alto VXL AGS 1,598,000 1,518,000 80,000 5.27%
Swift DLX NAVI 1,995,000 1,905,000 90,000 4.72%
Swift AT NAVI 2,140,000 2,050,000 90,000 4.39%

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The 660CC Suzuki Alto has observed multiple price increases in 2019, with the price being increased by Rs. 137,000 in August and then in October by Rs. 70,000-85,000.

Suzuki Alto VXR and VXL are now Rs. 1.398 million and Rs. 1.598 million respectively, following a price increase of Rs. 80,000-90,000. In the case of the Wagon R VXR and VXL, the new price is Rs. 1.605 million and Rs. 1.695 million respectively, after a price hike of Rs. 65,000 to 70,000. Even Swift and Jimny has seen its price increase by Rs. 90,000.

On Dec 9, the price of the recently introduced Suzuki Jimny 1.5L MT was raised by Rs100,000 from Rs. 3.89 million to Rs. 3.99 million and Suzuki bikes have also seen their prices increased by Rs. 3,000 to 5,000.

As of now, a US dollar is equal to Rs. 155 as compared to Rs. 164 in June 2019, which obviously will cut the cost of imported parts. The car sales are on the decline with a drop of 44% in overall sales during first half of FY2019-20 as demand for various cars has slumped by 35-75pc.

Yamaha has also increased the prices of its bikes from Jan 2020. The new price of Yamaha YB125Z is Rs. 139,000, with an increase of Rs. 2,500, while the YBR125G has seen its price go from Rs. 160,000 to Rs. 163,500 and YBR125 will cost Rs. 156,000 from Rs. 153,500 previously.

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